Qualitätsstahl, Edelstahl (hochfest oder hitzebeständig), Aluminium (leicht und flexibel einsetzbar) Stahl für unsere Schmiedeteile

Depending on the product we choose the most optimal quality requirements of steel for your application together with you. The access to all the major steel traders as well as direct cooperation with a number of European steelworks guarantees you and us good market transparency, quality, delivery reliability and price continuity.

Engineering & design

Entwicklung von Schmiedeteilen im CAD Fertiges Gesenkschmeideteil im CAD entwickelt

Your forgings are designed and developed by experienced specialists with the help of modern CAD systems on the basis of our drawings. Our CAD systems guarantees a trouble-free data exchange with you This simplifies and speeds up the testing and approval process. In addition, an exchange of drawing on the conventional way and/or the approval process through the creation of patterns of plaster or other materials is possible at any time.

For difficult geometric products, we also offer a preliminary simulation of the forging process to identify potential weaknesses or risks of the component in the process.

Tool design and construction

Herstellung eines Schmiedegesenkes auf Leistungsstarken CNC-Fräsmaschinen Fräsen eines Gesenkschmiedewerkzeugs

All forging, deburring, calibration and combination tools are developed and manufactured in our own tool manufacture. Based of the CAD data of the construction our experienced toolmakers work with HSC milling machines with high performance quality tools as the basis for the subsequent manufacturing.

Deburring, stamping & calibrating

After forging your products are released from the surplus material, the burr. If necessary the forgings will be calibrating or stamping that all tolerances are guaranteed. This treatment can follow, depending on the requirements, in the warm and/or in the cold state. Already with the construction of the tools we pay attention to a reduction of the burr and refinishing operation.

Heat treatment

With a specific heat treatment such as tempering, annealing and normalizing your products receive the desired material strength. This step is carried out externally at local certified partners.

Mechanical machining and surface finishing

Wir liefern Ihnen gerne komplett einbaufertige Schmiedeteile.

As part of our range of services we offer in addition to the core business of forging a mechanical machining and surface finishing of our products. The milling, drilling, turning, threading and the surface treatment such as galvanizing or painting can be transferred to our responsibilities of local, high-performance specialty firms. So you have a contact partner for the entire process, and thereby optimize your logistics and warehousing.


All employees work daily to the goal of zero defect strategy. The TÜV Rheinland regularly reviews our quality management system according to VDA 6.1 and ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

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